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children’s cupboard with drawers.
Limited edition.
the boy’s cabinet is 549 mm wide, 370 mm deep and 936 mm high. Drawer handles are ceramic.
The inside of the drawers is lined with felt. The drawer bottoms are black and the drawer walls are red.
The drawers are made of plywood and MDF fronts. The drawers can be easily pulled out thanks to the ball bearing. The cabinet is made of MDF.
One piece consists of approximately 140 pieces.
It is covered with six layers of paint. It is painted by hand, with a roller, small elements such as shoes, handles, sleeves. They are painted with a brush.
The production time of a single cabinet is 8 full working days.
You can follow the entire history of furniture making on Facebook: @woodemporium.
We only make to order.
The surface of the cabinets is not uniformly smooth, there are visible micro-joints of MDF boards, which are caused by differences in the hardness of some of the material. But these are the characteristics of character and uniqueness.
The following furniture elements are designed referring to the set.
Such as chairs, table, large cupboard with drawers, bed, large wardrobe.
Everything will be available soon as a full kit. Payment in advance.
Orders should be placed 3 weeks in advance. greetings.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 75 × 57 × 113 cm


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