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External dimensions – L = 864Omm W = 3700mm H = 3000mm



1.- The base of the structure is made of vacuum impregnated logs, 230 mm high and 50 wide.
They are located 40 cm from axis to axis.
The logs along the edges have much smaller distances due to the strengthening of the structure so that the crane can lift the building structure without any risk.
At a width of 5 m, there are 50 mm pipes for attaching hooks for the crane, or for wheel axles for moving the building.
The base structure is solid.
You don’t need to build any foundations.
It can be placed directly on the compacted and leveled aggregate, which will allow drainage of water.


Then the impregnated plywood is screwed to the top of the main base.
The ribs are made of high-quality 18 mm structural plywood, cut with a CNC machine.
They are assembled by means of puzzle-shaped joints.
They have cut locks for fasteners that are firmly fixed with wedges.
The ribs of the structure are glued with high-quality wood glue, additionally very densely stapled with air staples to maintain stiffness.
Then they are connected according to the required design.
The upper part of the rib is 170 mm wide, gradually arc to 100 mm. the base of the skeleton structure is also 100 mm.

Hydro and thermal insulation layers


The floor space between the ribs is filled with 100mm thick Kingspan foam, very tight and tight.
All kinds of sewage and water installations are located in the floor, tightly insulated against weather conditions.
Installation in the floor is made of plastic so as not to expose it to cracks in low temperatures.
An 18 mm thick OSB board is screwed onto the insulation made in this way.


Structural walls

The inside wall is filled with 100 mm thick mineral wool insulation, gradually increasing towards the upper part to 170 mm.
Double bubble foil is placed for additional insulation.



Exterior walls

As for the outer part, it is made in the following steps.
. the structure is covered with 9 mm plywood.
. impregnation of the entire surface with a bituminous agent which, penetrating the inside of the wood, impregnates it and additionally helps in adhesion in the next stage.


                . Hot bonding of bitumen felt sheets to all critical points and joints with a 10 cm overlay.

. Hot bitumen membrane gluing to the entire surface.


. Screwing of previously impregnated vertical battens 50mm wide and 10mm high.
The distance between the staffs is 40 centimeters from axis to axis.
This 10mm space between the waterproofing (bitumen) insulation and the paneling will prevent the accumulation of moisture and ice.
Pomerania also helps to quickly remove moisture.
It will protect the bitumen layer against UV rays, which will significantly extend its life.
Additionally, the space will accelerate the drying of the outer surface through convection.


The flat side walls are constructed as follows.
18 mm plywood is bolted to the frame structure.
It is covered with a membrane with the highest strength category 4-5 available on the market.
Counter-battens, 50 mm wide and 10 mm thick, are screwed onto the prepared surface to allow free drainage of moisture.
Patches 50 mm wide and 25 mm high are fixed to the wall prepared in this way, and they are impregnated.


A 20mm thick paneling board is fixed to the prepared surface of the outer part of the walls.
Which is then covered with a layer of OSMO primer oil.
The second layer is high-class UV OSMO oil.
The rest of the roof is covered with paneling with a tongue, 16 mm thick.
The paneling is vacuum impregnated.
Additionally, they are covered with a layer of OSMO primer oil.
As well as the previously mentioned UV OSMO layer to maintain quality for many years.

decorative external strips are made of high-class Marine plywood.
They are painted with allcoat brand paint which is resistant to weather conditions.
The front front part has the option of adding an additional module.
Behind the strip there are fastening locks that allow for any attachment.

the bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom, living room and of course the exterior.
Separate installation.
.Kitchen sockets.
.Sockets for living room and bedroom.
. Installing an induction hob in the kitchen.
.Installation of a microwave oven.
.Water heater.
.Two separate sockets ready for connection of radiators.
One separate sockets ready for connection of air conditioning / heating.
.Dual sockets with USB sockets.
.4 light switches, including 3 with dimmer adjustment.
Additionally, outside lighting on each side of the building.
. There is a double installation of CCTV cameras for more convenient positioning of the decoder.
ready installation for connection of 4K cameras from each side of the building.
. Internet connection and terrestrial TV cable connection.
The sockets are of high quality, brushed stainless steel.
In the central part there is additional recreational lighting with adjustable color change.


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