High-quality small luxury cottage


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1.- The base is made of beams 6 m long, 5 cm wide and 20 cm high.
The wood is vacuum impregnate
The beams are spaced 40 cm from axis to axis,
much denser in two places. The base structure is solid.
You don’t need to build any foundations.
The sea is placed directly on a compacted and leveled rock, thus helping to drain the water.



2.- then 18 mm plywood is screwed onto the structure, of course
impregnated on the underside with a waterproof agent.


3.- The skeleton of the whole structure is cut with a CNC machine from spruce and deciduous plywood.
With the following dimensions: (L) 5.73 mx (W) 3.70 mx (H) 3 m made of structural plywood with a double thickness of 18 mm,

with a cross-section of 100 mm, which allows the recess to be filled with mineral wool insulation .
All frames drilled to facilitate electrical wiring etc.

Hydro and thermal insulation layers



4.- the floor is insulated with 100 mm of polyurethane foam on both sides glued with aluminum foil reflecting the temperature.
5.- 18 mm thick OSB board is screwed onto the floor insulation, the structure from the outside it is clad with 9 mm spruce plywood then there is impregnated with bituminous waterproofing agent. glued to the bituminous agent there is bitumen roofing felt on the edge of the roof turned upwards, gutters are created so that no water can enter.
For the papa which is hot glued, patches of 5 cm and a width of 40 cm from axis to axis are stamped to obtain a gap between the paneling and the roofing felt.

Which will create delation and at the same time extend the life of the materials through natural water drainage and convection. The studded slats are impregnated with a bituminous agent to maximize the service life, then paneling is placed on the impregnated patches with a thickness of 16 mm with a tongue, the paneling is vacuum impregnated. In addition, it is covered with 1 layer of OSMO primer oil and 1 layer of high-class OSMO UV oil to maintain quality for many years.

6.-the walls are installed with mineral wool on the sides of 100 mm and widening up to 170 mm then the electrical installation CCTV and
television and internet are installed, double electric sockets with USB and the usual two inputs for heaters,
then additional insulation of silver bubble foil, reflecting heat it is cold on the way the insulation is nailed
partition walls are made of external paneling 19 mm thick then 2.5 cm thick battens to maintain convection
under the battens is a membrane of the best quality waterproof then OSB board then 10 cm construction
between the structure 100 mm insulation then Bubble foil Silver insulation on the foil the OSB board is screwed onto
the OSB board the internal paneling is placed.

7.-The paneling is impregnated with good quality Osmo oil, resistant to UV, of course with the Osmo primer.

8.- decorative strips on the front and sides are made of high-quality Marine plywood, additionally painted with waterproof dark gray paint.



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